Map Showing Locations of Apartment Buildings for Sale on Vancouver Island

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Apartment Buildings  for Sale - Services Offered to Buyers

 Looking for an apartment block for sale on Vancouver Island?
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Call Andre at NAI Commercial ( Victoria ) 250-940-2713 or provide your information below. I look forward to assisting you in your search for a multi-residential investment. If you presently are working with another realtor to find an apartment building to buy, you are welcome to browse this website but please don't register as a guest. Have your realtor call Andre instead.


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Real Estate Services Offered to Buyers

Picture about the importance of location of an apartment block   Picture about negotiating the sale of an apartment building

Finding an Apartment Building

  • Notifying you of our new listings of apartment buildings for sale on Vancouver Island

  • Notifying you of apartment buildings for sale not formally listed that we have found  that meet your investment criteria
  • Providing you with the latest sale comparables and corresponding capitalization rates.

Writing your Offer

  • Valuation of the apartment building for sale and assistance to determine the best offering price for you

  • Understanding your concerns and composing subject clauses into the offer that address these concern

Negotiating your Offer

  • Working closely with you and the seller to reach fair and equitable terms and conditions

  • Negotiating your offer to try and ensure a win-win situation on both sides of the table

  • Using knowledge, experience and expertise to obtain the best possible accepted offer for you