Apartment Buildings that Sold in 2019 and to date in 2020

                                                    Victoria Nanaimo Campbell River and Vancouver Island
                                      Sales Research and Information compliments of André Beauregard
For 2019, the tables below show the following variables for apartment building sales across Vancouver Island: sale date, building name, address, city, year built, total number of suites, sale price, price per suite and capitalization rate. Note that these sales may not include share transfer sales or other sales where the number of units or price is not verifiable. Sales of smaller multi-family investment property of  10 units or less may also not be included.
To receive the most recent and up to date sales information of apartment buildings that have sold this year during 2020, you are invited to fill in your contact information below. Every month or two as sales are registered in the Land Titles Office, I will email you a newsletter with up-dated apartment building sales information similar to what data is shown below for 2019. I look forward to receiving your information.