Vancouver Island Apartment Buildings for Sale - Services Offered to Buyers 

                    Planning to buy an apartment block for sale on Vancouver Island?
                                             You've come to the right place!
Buyers: André can help you find the right multi-family investment property on Vancouver island. Click below to provide your contact information and investment preferences. André will then call you and begin searching on your behalf.
               Some examples of past apartment building sales that André brokered for buyers.

Dual Agency Banned in B.C.

A realtor who has a listing of an apartment building for sale from the seller will no longer be able to act as an agent for the buyer!
See an apartment building you would like to purchase; call André at 250-940-2713 who will act in your best interest as your buyer's agent.

  Map Showing Locations of Apartment Buildings for Sale on Vancouver Island


Real Estate Services Offered to Buyers 

Picture about the importance of location of an apartment block

Finding an Apartment Building

  • Notifying you of our new listings of apartment buildings for sale on Vancouver Island

  • Notifying you of apartment buildings for sale not formally listed that we have found  that meet your investment criteria
  • Providing you with the latest sale comparables and corresponding capitalization rates.

  Writing your Offer   

  • Valuation of the apartment building for sale and assistance to determine the best offering price for you

  • Understanding your concerns and composing subject clauses into the offer that address these concern.

Picture about negotiating the sale of an apartment building

  Negotiating your Offer with the Seller's Agent 

  • Working closely with you and the agent for the seller to reach fair and equitable terms and conditions

  • Negotiating your offer to try and ensure a win-win situation on both sides of the table

  • Using knowledge, experience and expertise to obtain the best possible accepted offer for you