Apartment Buildings for Sale in Campbell River that Sold in 2018 & Earlier 

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The following research and information is provided compliments of André. The tables show the following variables for apartment building sales in Campbell River: sale date, building name, address, city, year built, total number of suites, sale price, price per suite and capitalization rate when available. Note that these sales may not include share transfer sales or other sales where the number of units or price is not verifiable. Sales of smaller multi-family investment property of 10 units or less may also not be included.

Apartment Buildings in Campbell River that Sold in 2018


Sale Date

Sale PriceAddressBuilding Name AcresYear Built  

Total Suites

$ per Suite

Cap Rate

05/20188,940,0001299 Shoppers RowTyee Plaza 


1,040,000323 Dogwood Stx.621970




03/20175,817,500275 1 Ave

Discovery Village

6589,500 x
 03/20174,296,000710 Dogwood St

Scenic View Manor 

.851970 4889,500  x
03/20171,575,720680 4 Ave

Park Place 

.59 1975 2954,335 x
03/20171,198,780644 4 Ave

Highland Manor

.4819752254,490 x
03/20171,342,500621 7 Ave

Scenic View 

.3419721589,500 x