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Are you looking for a dynamic progressive realtor to market and sell your multi-family property? Would you like to have lower disposition  (commission) costs? If  your answer is yes to both questions contact André Beauregard, (Associate Broker with NAI Commercial in Victoria ).  If you want to benefit from market knowledge, receive outstanding service and save with competitive disposition costs, call André.  

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André knows apartment buildings on Vancouver Island BC. That is why when it comes time to sell your apartment block , calling Andre could be the best option for   you  . Discuss what the asking price for your apartment building should be and begin finding the right buyer to receive top dollar for your apartment block .

The Marketing Campaign to Sell your Apartment Building


  • Your apartment building enjoys both a macro and a micro location that distinguishes it from other buildings.

  • The macro-location is the urban centre where your apartment block is located. Positive attributes of the apartment building's urban area such as economic growth etc. will be identified and highlighted.

  • Micro-location is where in the urban area your apartment building is situtated. What are its' locational links to shopping, transportation etc. that make it attractive to tenants? These attributes will also be identified and highlighted


  • Your apartment building is unique not only because of its' locational attributes but also its' social and physical attributes. 

  •  All aspects of your apartment   block will be surveyed drawing your attention to areas that could be improved at little cost to maximize your return. 

  • Recent improvements to the building will be noted and highlighted in presentations. 

  • In short, all  positive aspects of your apartment building will be noted and highlighted such as suite mix, low tenant turnover, waiting lists, low rent levels, roof condition and age, mechanical condition, amenities etc.


  •  Accurate valuation of an apartment building is the basis for both seller's and buyer's investment decisions 

  • Comparable sales data including capitalization rates will be used to determine a price range.

  • Together, we will fine tune your asking price upwards to the point where it is still reasonable and will not be considered unreasonable by potential buyers.
Picture showing that promotion is an important part of selling an apartment building for a seller


  • Creating and composing a marketing package for your apartment building for sale that will be second to none. The package will encourage investors to make offers.

  • Web pages devoted entirely to your apartment block that will be displayed by search engines. 


  • On-line advertising, email target marketing to selected investors from our data bank and networking with other industry leaders to connect with their buyer/investors.
Picture showing a real estate contract to purchase a seller's apartment block

The Contract

  • Ensuring that offers that are presented to purchase your apartment building for sale are from qualified purchasers

  • Interpreting Offers to Purchase with you and recognizing grey areas that may need further clarification

  • Ensuring that offers incorporate due diligence and vendor protection

  • Advising on the terms, conditions and price offered

Picture about negotiating the sale of an apartment building


  • Working closely with you and the real estate agent for the buyer to reach fair and equitable terms and conditions  

  • Negotiating an Offer to Purchase that tries to ensure a win-win situation on both sides of the table 

  • Obtaining the highest selling price for your apartment building for sale